21st Century Educators – What it takes to succeed in teaching?

The present situation in the educational sector is not very comfortable:

  • We witness major technology intervention with numerous educational tools and gadgets made available in the market;
  • 21st century student audience is expecting the wide use of technologies for teaching and learning, and they are not willing to spend much time in the classrooms and lecture halls.

As a result, it is very clear that educational system must be transformed to accommodate current and future requirements.

Obviously, the educational system can’t exist without educators and therefore we need to take care of their readiness to meet educational challenges of the 21st century. Without their active participation, interest, and dedication, no educational reform will succeed. In this post, I attempt to identify what is expected of modern educators and what training opportunities are available now.

21st century educators – new teaching skills required

When we look at our audience in the classrooms and lecture halls, we realize that the most challenging task is to keep them engaged and stay focused on the topic. Engagement means students’ full participation in their learning, interest, and commitment to the studies. Educator’s task is to find and apply the correct teaching and learning strategies which will lead to the learning success.

Engagement is not a stand-alone action, it comprises multiple teaching skills which modern educators must demonstrate to help students to achieve success.

First, I want to mention collaboration skills. By applying effective collaboration skills in the course delivery, the teacher can define the best methods to support student learning and reach the expected results while providing flexibility and personalization. Based on collaboration experiences, the teacher can develop respective content, decide on appropriate pedagogical approaches, and implement them to achieve learning success and students’ satisfaction.

Collaboration is also an instrument for establishing professional learning communities which support teamwork, sharing experiences and ideas, solving pedagogical issues, and developing innovative teaching and learning strategies.

We expect that 21st century educators can look forward to the future. Modern educators should be aware of the trends and developments, career opportunities and changes in the job market to help the students with career planning and forward thinking. Educators are responsible to make learning relevant to the modern environment and authentic by nature to ensure that students can achieve success in the complex real-life environment.

Without technology tools, teachers can’t offer students a range of learning choices and support engagement and personalization, develop creativity and interest. Since technology is changing rapidly, it is impossible to learn things which will last forever. Educators need to continue learning along with technology development.

Educators are always creating new and better things, innovation is a part of professional activities. Each class is different, each student is unique, and it requires applying different teaching and learning approaches.

Like any other profession, educators must be ready to constant self-development, learning new things, and implementing them into practice. Lifelong learning is not a formal requirement to get a certain number of certificates, it should become an integral part of educator’s life.

And technology is ready to assist by providing access to a variety of courses which can help to maintain the level of professional skills.

Click the link below and check the courses available.

Online course: Integrating Technology in the Classroom

  • Offered by: ed2go.com
  • Mode of delivery: Instructor-led
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: $149.00

Course description.

This is a professional development course for educators. The course explores the secrets of technology integration in the classroom. Learners gain skills needed to use technology tools effectively to enhance subject material and improve student learning.

The course offers guidelines how to:

  • design presentations for different learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic);
  • identify child-friendly and safe Internet search tools;
  • teach keyboarding and word processing;
  • locate the best apps, Internet sites, and classroom activities to support students in math, reading, writing, science, social studies, art, and music
  • use tablets, iPads, and assistive technology tools; and
  • develop integrated lesson plans in reading, writing, science, math, social studies, music, and art.

Learners’ feedback on the course

  • Lots of useful information that will translate to real world-class activities and instruction;
  • Clear, concise, and thorough instructions;
  • Participants gained confidence in using a variety of technology tools in the classroom;
  • The wealth of ideas and Internet resources provided to learners;
  • Learners feel inspired to do more creative activities and find it easier to brainstorm new ideas.
    You can learn new skills to make your lessons engaging, exciting and effective by joining the course Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Online course: The Creative Classroom

  • Offered by: ed2go.com
  • Mode of delivery: Instructor-led
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: $149.00

Course description

Every child is having talents and teacher’s task is to recognize and nurture it. The course explains how to use creativity to teach reading, writing, visual arts, performing arts, social studies, science, mathematics, and physical and health education.

Learners develop creative approaches to field trips, learning labs, activities, exercises, assignments, and evaluation methods. The course encourages thinking beyond the textbook and challenge students with unusual tasks and activities. The course explores methods how to teach students to analyze, interpret, and be active participants in the subjects and how to turn reluctance into enthusiasm.

Course provides advice how to find grants and other resources to help teachers to develop existing labs and classrooms into centers for creativity and innovations

Learners’ feedback on the course

  • This class was perfect;
  • Learners have applied many of the ideas in their school;
  • Very practical uses of creativity for the core subject;
  • This course is interesting and useful;
  • There were lots of great ideas presented that will be easy to incorporate into any classroom;
  • The resources included in the supplementary material will be a great help.

Join the course The Creative Classroom and learn how to make your learning innovative and creative.


The change is something that will continuously happen, and educators will have to not only deal with it personally, but help students to be prepared for fulfilling and successful life and work in the ever-changing environment. To make this mission a success, educators need proper skillset and the mindset that teaching requires regular training and new skills development, implementation of creative and innovative teaching and learning practices.

To start your training just now, click the link below.

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