Boost your employability with online vocational training courses

The 21st century has brought rapid changes in all industries and made the workplace more complex and demanding. Employees are facing a challenging task to adjust to new technological advances, modern business processes, and job-related behavior patterns. In many cases, required adjustments can be achieved through special vocational training courses. Quite often employees are using their personal time to attend these courses.

I suggest that there is a better solution and it is offered by providers of online vocational training courses. Those who are enrolled in online courses have access to the required training content anytime and from anywhere. Online courses support flexibility in terms of access time, the pace of studies and the mode of learning. Available online courses cover a wide range of skills, different levels of complexity, and styles of delivery.

Please look at the variety of courses offered below.

Most of online vocational training courses are designed to support textual, visual, and audio mode of delivery to accommodate individual learning preferences of learners.

Purpose of vocational training courses and programs

Vocational training courses and programs provide job-specific technical skill building opportunities. These courses and programs generally focus on providing students with hands-on instruction and can lead to certification, a diploma or certificate

Vocational training addresses needs of different categories of individuals:
  • Pre-employment – prepares young people for the first entry into employment;
  • Skill upgrade – provides additional training for already employed individuals who need to enhance skillset because of implementation of new technologies at their workplace;
  • Retraining – addresses needs of those who have lost their jobs and need new competencies to be successful in the job market;
  • Remedial – offers skill development to those who were out of work for some time.
  • Adding new skills – offers training opportunities for people who are willing to expand their skillset for personal or work-related reasons.

Some concerns about online vocational training courses and programs

Some people feel uneasy about joining online training courses, and they may encounter some obstacles during studies:

  • Personal time management: Online studies are adding more constraints in the already busy life of a working person. It is important to establish realistic learning schedule, to give up temporarily some social events, and explain your family members how important are your studies for your career and professional growth.
  • Using multiple technologies: Online courses are built on certain technological platforms, and it often requires to learn how to use new equipment, programs, and communication tools (video and audio). If a person doesn’t have extensive experience with technologies, it might be frustrating when something is not working as expected. In such situation, the best solution is to accept the necessity to learn technological tools as an additional learning objective which might bring benefits to you in many ways. Embrace technological advances.
  • Taking on the student role: If a person stayed away from any learning activities for some time, it might feel strange to get back to a virtual class. Conducting online activities, communicating with instructors and other students might be overwhelming and confusing. As a result, the person can take lay-back approach because of no face-to-face communication, control and follow up. It would be advisable to familiarize yourself with virtual learning environment and style of learning before enrolling in the course.
  • Hands-on experience: The hands-on experience is not lost during your online classes. With the help of simulation software, practical skills are getting updated as well. Some courses support online access to physical labs where work can be conducted and managed remotely.

Explore advantages of online training courses and programs

When talking about online education and training, we need to acknowledge that additionally to common learning benefits, like getting new skills, improving communication, readiness for a new work environment, online delivery has some unique advantages :

  • Variety of available programs and courses: This means that course content and delivery are not attached to the specific place. There are more chances to find required content somewhere in the world. The physical location doesn’t affect choices.
  • Lower total costs: Online programs can be more affordable because some costs are not included anymore, such as commuting costs and costs of textbooks or manuals because those are often provided for free online. A lot of free online training courses are available, and these courses can also help to improve or develop your skillset at no costs at all.
  • Personal learning environment: It is up to each individual to create a personalized comfortable learning environment. Since no physical classes are taking place, learning can happen at any time and from anywhere. It is a matter of personal choice.
  • Convenience: Online courses give students an opportunity to plan their study time around their schedules. It makes online learning convenient for those who need to balance their work and family commitments.
  • Extensive interaction and greater ability to concentrate: Online courses encourage students to participate in class discussions or chats, work on team-based projects, share experiences and challenges. Some students consider that online courses are easier to concentrate in because they are not distracted by other students and classroom activity.
  • Enhance your technical skills: It can be considered as the added value of online training. Even basic online courses require the development of new computer skills. The computer skills students learn during online training translate to many professions, modern business processes, and new styles of communication.

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Value of training courses from Employers’ perspective

Employers see many forthcoming benefits from regular training sessions. Some companies have staff development strategies and encourage and support employees in different levels and positions to undertake regular training courses.

Trained and qualified personnel contribute to:

  • Positive growth of company’s reputation and profile;
  • Improved productivity;
  • Commitment to quality standards;
  • Improved ability to implement and realize specific goals outlined in a company’s business plan;
  • Increased ability to respond effectively to change;
  • Profitability;
  • Customer satisfaction.

Personal and professional development never stops

I believe that in the modern environment no person can stay without developing new skills and new knowledge; it is a requirement of our professional, social, and personal lives. New technologies are bringing new challenges and new requirements but the same time we have so many solutions offered to us because of technological advances. We should not miss these opportunities. And online learning and training are the biggest one and the most beneficial to us.


Transform your career with online courses from top universities. Sign up to learn business, programming, data science, or design on Coursera.

4 thoughts on “Boost your employability with online vocational training courses”

  1. Hello
    I enjoyed reading your article, it was very informative. I have taught myself new skills in way of online videos and tutorials with enough knowledge to acquire paying jobs. I believe online learning and training is one of the best ways to stay relevant in some jobs and the best way to do so if only for the scheduling of your own time. Your article covered so much and in a lot of details. I’m on my way to signing up for an online transcriptionist course, it will add to my stay at home income stream. Thanks for the post

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your time and kind comments. I sincerely believe in major changes in the entire educational system and these changes will be initiated by technological advances. We have to take care of our professional fitness which is not very easy at the moments and it will be more demanding in years to come. Constant learning and skills upgrade is what we call lifelong learning. Innovative approaches will be implemented in learning and teaching strategies and it will make educational process more effective, flexible and adaptive.

  2. Hey Nadja:

    Thanks for this overview of the benefits of online vocational training courses. For me, one of the truly awesome thing about getting into this computer thing has been the proliferation of learning opportunities it has made possible.

    My own learning preference is experiential — I like learning by doing and by forming mentor-apprentice relationships with knowledgeable people. As I’ve gotten older, however, it’s sort of hard for me to play the role of “Grasshopper” quite so convincingly.

    The online courses do have the advantage of allowing you to get into the heads of people who are very knowledgeable and even best in their class. If they are good educators, you come away with a lot of great information that you can use in your own practice. A very good thing….

    1. Hello Netta,

      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate you interest. I agree with you that learning-by-doing is the best way to teach young people, but nowadays a lot of “doing” can happen virtually. We had several courses developed for students when practical component was developed online… And it worked out very well. Everything depends on instructional design of the course.

      Thank you again for your time,


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