CoDrone Pro – Programmable and Educational Drone Kit







  • Price from Amazon: $179.99
  • Price from Robolink Shop: $179.99
  • Separate parts of the CoDrone can be purchased from Robolink or Amazon shops.
  • Brand: CoDrone
  • Manufacturer: Robolink

Learn , Code, and Fly with the CoDrone

CoDrone is one of the world’s best educational drone. It has been tested by company’s engineers in various classroom settings. The learning material is free and easily accessible online.

The CoDrone is a compact, intelligent and innovative learning platform for learners of all ages.

The CoDrone is a small, sensor-driven drone combined with the Arduino programming environment. It weights 40 grams, but contains a lot of technology in a small body. Inside each drone is an accelerometer, barometer, gyrometer, and a special optical flow sensor to stabilize flight. CoDrone supports Bluetooth 4.0 for fast transmission and range control of up to 65 feet.

About Robolink

Robolink was established in 2012 and their mission is mission is to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education accessible, engaging, and fun. Company believes in nurturing future inventors and innovators and developing passion about science, engineering, and coding.

The Features of CoDrone Pro:

  • Fun and educational drone
  • Perfect for beginners learning programming
  • Arduino Compatible controller
  • Use your Apple or Android smart phone to fly, battle, voice control CoDrone
  • Easily removable/replaceable motors

The functional capabilities include:

  • Self-Stabilization
  • Altitude Hold
  • Bluetooth Smart Phone Control
  • Sensor Data Feedback

Robolink offers online tutorials which are accessible while working with the CoDrone Pro and it is an excellent assistance to those who are new to programming and drones. Accessing tutorials, learn about programming fundamentals, drone aerodynamics, and hardware programming.

The CoDrone makes programming fun, engaging, and practical.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers are genuinely happy with the product; they especially highlight the following features:

  • useful platform on which to explore design/engineering concepts;
  • the online tutorials available in Robolink website are extremely useful and easy to navigate through, and  gain more knowledge about how coding works;
  • simple and fun way to be introduced into coding;
  • it might take about fifteen minutes to build a drone with the help of online tutorials;
  • customers recommend to use the CoDrone for classroom studies.

Customers also noticed the limitations of the CoDrone Pro:

  • the drone can be used indoors only, because of light weight, it can’t stand against the wind;
  • the flight time is too short; it is about 8 minutes only; to recharge the battery, it takes about 40 minutes.

Critical feedback highlights the following issues:

  • hardware issues, like tight wing  which would not loosen up;
  • drone would not lift up more than 4 inches above the ground;
  • poor quality and customers lost their interest in programming;
  • battery lasts about 8 minutes;
  • online material is not very clear.

The CoDrone Pro is an amazing tools which allows students to apply theoretical knowledge into practice. It supports interest in STEM subjects, develops curiosity and engagement. Important factor is that Robolink employs not only engineers and programmers but also professionals educators who are responsible for the pedagogical aspects of the CoDrone in terms of online tutorials and  programming approaches.

CoDrone Pro – Programmable and Educational Drone Kit

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