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Data Scientists positions are in high demand these days. Over the last few years world have successfully accumulated massive amount of data measured in such units as zettabyte(1ZB= 1024 bytes) or even yottabytes (1YB=1024 bytes).
Unimaginable volumes of data!
We call it Big Data.

In the nearest future, the amount of accumulated data will be growing faster than before.

These volumes of raw data must be processed in order to get meaningful and useful information. Information is used to generate new knowledge which is driving the progress of our society.

Big Data is bringing big problems into the industry:

  1. We still can’t process all data available;
  2. We have to perform data cleansing before processing;
  3. We must integrate different formats of data to produce reliable and comprehensive information;
  4. We must implement security and privacy measures.

The list above can be easily expanded by adding more problems and issues… but the main problem is : data industry does not have enough skilled professionals who can solve the above listed problems.

It is predicted that in 2018 there will be a 50% gap between demand for data scientists and the real supply.

If business organizations want to survive, they need to train the existing staff and new hires to process data according to business objectives of the company.

What kind of deliverables are expected from data scientists?

Please see some of them listed below:

  • Prediction
  • Classification
  • Recommendations
  • Grouping
  • Recognition
  • Ranking
  • Optimization
  • Forecasting
  • Visualization

If you are really interested to find out what is the content of the discipline – Big Data, and what tools Data Scientists are using to perform their job, launch your Data Scientist career path just now by joining online programs courses from well-known universities.

Click on the link below to find out about the courses available.
Big Data Specialization from UC San Diego

Online Courses: Big Data Specialization created by UC San Diego

The specialization consists of 6 courses. The courses build up the understanding how Big Data affects businesses and hands-on experience with the tools and systems used by big data scientists and engineers. On completion of the courses, students will be able to do the basic exploration of large, complex datasets. The final course is Capstone Project which is developed in partnership with data software company Splunk to allow students to experience real-life situations.

It is a beginner specialization and no previous experience required.

Course 1. Introduction to Big Data

In this course, students learn:

  • To describe the Big Data landscape including the three key sources of Big Data: people, organizations, and sensors;
  • To explain the V’s of Big Data (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, valence, and value) and their impact on data collection, monitoring, storage, analysis and reporting;
  • How to get value out of Big Data;
  • To provide an explanation of the architectural components and programming models;
  • To install and use tools available for Big Data processing.

Course duration: 3 weeks

Course 2. Big Data Modeling and Management Systems

Completion of the course Introduction to Big Data is recommended prior this course.

In course 2, students learn:

  • To recognize different data elements appearing in everyday’s life;
  • Why Big Data Infrastructure Plan is needed;
  • To identify the frequent data operations required;
  • To select a data models suitable for the characteristics of the specific data;
  • What techniques are used to manage streaming data;
  • To design a big data information system.

Course duration: 6 weeks

Course 3. Big Data Integration and Processing

Completion of the course Introduction to Big Data is recommended prior this course.

In course 3, students learn:

  • To retrieve data from example database and big data management systems;
  • To identify the connections between data management operations and the big data processing patterns;
  • To specify when a big data problem needs data integration;
  • To perform simple big data integration.

Course duration: 6 weeks.

Course 4. Machine Learning with Big Data

In course 4, students learn:

  • Tools and algorithms used to create machine learning models;
  • To apply machine learning techniques to explore and prepare data for modeling;
  • To identify the type of machine learning problem;
  • To construct models that learn from data;
  • To analyze big data problems.

Course duration: 5 weeks.

Course 5. Graph Analytics for Big Data

In course 5, students learn:

  • To model a problem into a graph database;
  • To perform analytical tasks over the graph in a scalable manner;
  • To apply the above techniques to understand the significance of data sets for projects.

Course duration: 5 weeks

Course 6. Big Data – Capstone Project

In this course, students build a big data ecosystem using tools and methods they learn from the earlier courses in this specialization. During Capstone Project, students walk through the typical big data science steps for acquiring, exploring, preparing, analyzing, and reporting.

Course duration: 6 weeks

Click below and check the detailed content of the courses.
Big Data Specialization from UC San Diego

Learning approaches

The course content will be delivered to students via:

  • Online text for reading;
  • Video lessons with practical demos;
  • Video interviews with industry professionals;
  • Discussion forums;
  • Quizzes;
  • Project work;
  • Peep-to-peer reviews;

What learners say about the Big Data courses?

Average ranking for all courses is 4.3 out of 5.0.

Majority of the course participants are very happy with the course content, style of delivery, examples from real-life cases, and use of tools and application of relevant techniques to solve Big Data problems.

Some students mentioned that they have expected more support when solving practical tasks and the learning load was quite challenging for some of them.

But absolute majority of learners were excited about the opportunity to step into the area of Data Science and start your career in the rapidly growing industry.

Click below and check – it might work for you very well.
Big Data Specialization from UC San Diego

If you are new to Big Data and Data Science…

If you feel that more information is needed to make a decision, please have a look at the interesting and informative books which can help you to create an initial understanding about Big Data and possible careers in Big Data industry.

Book 1. Big Data For Dummies

Big Data For Dummies

Price from Amazon:

  • Kindle Edition: $17.58
  • Paperback:
    • used – from $9.99
    • new – from $14.95

The book provides essential information about importance of big data for organizations, governments, and industry in a an easy-to-understand and clear style. It explains big data in details and discusses what is important when implementing Big Data solution in organizations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about Big Data.

Book 2. Getting a Big Data Job For Dummies

Getting a Big Data Job For Dummies

Price from Amazon:

  • Kindle Edition – $19.35
  • Paperback:
    • used – from $3.0
    • new – from $10.04

Choose this book if you want to know what are the positions in one of the fastest-growing fields in the modern economy. You will learn what “big data” means, why it’s so important across all industries, and how you can develop one of the most needed skillsets:

  • The education you need;
  • Big data career path options;
  • Major big data employers;
  • A plan to develop your job-landing strategy.

I am sure with the help of these introductory books you will have better idea about Big data industry, and your decision to launch your career there will be based on.

Big Data Industry is developing and growing fast. Don’t miss the opportunity to make an exciting career in this field.
Big Data Specialization from UC San Diego


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  1. It’s good post about providing valuable information for opportunities available in big data industry and for sure it is one of best industry to work in current generation.

    1. Thank you for your time and the comments.
      Yes, data industry is growing fast and generates jobs which require certain knowledge and skills.
      It is really important that we have already very solid courses developed by well-known universities which are available for those who are willing to start these new careers.
      Each person can decide what is the best possible course since new jobs which haven’t see before appear on daily basis.
      I wish a successful development of your business.

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