Life Changing Job Opportunities with Online Education and Training

In rapidly changing and stressful world of the 21st century, we don’t think about working for the same company for 40+ years. Career advisers suggest making moves after 6 years working for the same employer. When we take a retirement, we don’t feel like having a rest till end of our life. It seems that we all are affected by changes, and we want to do something very different: change our skillset, study new subjects, explore new hobbies, start a new business.

I assume that going back to college or university is not an option for most of us. We need to find out how to achieve our new career goals. Online education and training is a great help in such situations. I’d suggest exploring life-changing job opportunities with online education and training courses.

How to find the best online course?

There is no clearly defined step-by-step procedure – we have different situations, requirements, and needs. But I want to give some advice based on my personal experience which you may find useful.

First of all, make sure you have good understanding of your training needs: subject area, level of expertise you are aiming for, duration of training, and mode of the course delivery – some online courses are instructor-led and might require your participation during specific time slots.

Secondary, you decide if paid courses are an option for you or you need to look for free courses only. And don’t make a wrong assumption about free courses, the thousands of them available from very prominent providers and they cover a wide range of different subject areas. The only disadvantage is that many providers do not offer certificates of completion.

From my perspective, free online training courses are very suitable when you are looking for new hobbies, like gardening, sewing, painting, writing. Another reason for taking free courses is when you are exploring initial information about the specific subject area. I have taken several free of charge online courses about history and literature – it was enjoyable and informative learning.

Third, start searching for the courses based on your criteria. I am sure that with the first attempt you will get an overwhelming list of options. Now, take your time and go thoroughly through the list you got:

  • Visit respective sites;
  • Check the content of the respective courses;
  • Check the mode of offering and the duration of each course;
  • Ask about assessments;
  • Check the ranking;
  • Read the feedback available.

The preparation part is very important, it lay out the foundation for the successful studies. Data are showing high percentage of dropouts from the online courses. One of the reasons is that the learners did not conduct proper research before joining the course and they are not prepared to work accordingly. If all the preparation is done thoroughly, you will be enjoying benefits online courses:

  • Learning without leaving your home;
  • Getting knowledge and skills in the field of your interests;
  • Creating your own comfortable learning environment;
  • Fitting your learning activities into your schedule;
  • Managing self-paced learning.

Keep in mind that online courses look good on your resume.

Future job market – another reason to make changes

We have seen the trend – some jobs are getting erased from the list of professions. Humans are getting replaced by robots and other artificial intelligence solutions. And it is not just about repetitive, procedural, low-skilled or dangerous jobs; it applies to such position as recruitment officers, insurance claims clerks, lawyers, sports journalists and financial reporters, sales workers, and border patrol agents.

It is expected that technology developments will take over jobs from the millions of car, bus, and truck drivers, trade stock managers, and in some cases even programmers.

We are going to get new jobs and positions, most of them we have never met previously. And millions of people will be trained to take these new positions. Apparently, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions will produce more jobs than they have destroyed.

It seems that during next 10-15 years online education industry will be very busy. The educational and learning environment will be also changing to accommodate training needs of millions of people and help them to stay employable in the future job market.

It is also that future jobs will require the higher level of education, interpersonal, management, communication, and analytical skills.

What changes we are expecting in online education?

With the technology intervention and job market reactive changes, the educational systems around the world will be forced to invent new teaching and learning methodologies and new styles of learning.

It is not a secret that current online education is based on the existing teaching and learning methodologies and pedagogical approaches. The difference is that it provides more flexibility, supports open communication and self-paced learning.

Professionals predict that online learning platforms will be changing to accommodate the needs of the marketplace:

  • Diversifying online content;
  • Offering wider range of credentials;
  • Widespread of microlearning in the companies to provide training and learning opportunities at the workplace;
  • Embedding online mode of learning in the traditional classroom setting to take advantage of gaming, augmented and virtual reality solutions;
  • The content of online courses will be focused on developing skills which can’t be taken by robots and other artificial intelligence solutions – creativity, collaboration, abstract and systems thinking communication, and the ability to adapt and perform in diverse environments.

All the above will require new methods of course delivery, collaborative work, focus on communication, and innovative assessment strategies.

Take advantage of Online Education and Training – be ready for tomorrow’s challenges

We would like to know what the best jobs for the future will be. Of course, nobody can give us the definite answer. The best we can do is to follow the trends and see the new job listings.

I am sure that jobs related to technology support and development, innovations and change management, healthcare and technology rehabilitation will be in high demand for several decades ahead.

If you are planning your next career move, follow the trends in the job market, analyze job content, and start your studies today.

Explore the latest online courses and programs, you will find amazing stuff: Bid Data, Data Science, Robotics, Healthcare technology, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning… This is what I found interesting and my favorite area is Big Data.

Your list will be different – start exploring. Each field holds countless opportunities for the future.

Don’t delay, make your future career successful as from today.


We know for sure, changes will take place regularly. We all will experience technological, cultural, environmental, and economic changes. Predicting the best jobs for the next 20-30 years ahead is not a simple task, everything will depend on scientific and technological advances -no point of guessing.

Next generation of employees will be having 4-5 different jobs, so they don’t need to choose a specialty for the entire lifetime – the world is changing and professional preferences will be evolving along the changes.

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